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One of the greatest gifts that parents can give their children is education. It is their preparation for the future and the key to success. You have given your children the gift of BRM. We are a group that has much strength because we encourage and develop a sense of belonging and a sense of family. I think our students enjoy numerous advantages at BRM, but perhaps more important than any is the support they receive from staff, parents, alumni and friends of the school.


BRM draws on the diversity and energy of parents who send their children to BRM. Parents from all over the world visit BRM during the start of semesters. BRM parents are key members of the BRM family and community. Parents are keen to see and experience hands on, as to how their children are learning and growing. As a result, BRM encourages the participation of everyone belonging to this learning community. Sharing the perspectives and views of parents allows the teachers and college administration to receive consistent feedback and ideas from parents.

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