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Advanced Certificate in Real Time Embedded Systems Programming - Training Session(2010-2014)
PROGRAM DETAILS Recommended for 2nd and 3rd year students of CSE, IT, ECE, EEE and E&I branches.

Program Name : Advanced Certificate in Real Time Embedded Systems Programming

MODULE 1 (40 Hours)
  • C programming-I (Introduction to C, GCC and DEV C, IDE, Flow control statements, functions)
  • C programming-II (Pre-processor directives, macros)
  • C programming-III (Arrays, strings, pointers)
  • C programming-IV (Bit manipulation in C, programming assignments)
  • C programming V (Doubt solving and programming assignments)
  • C programming VI (Doubt solving and programming assignments)
  • Introduction to AVR architecture and uNiBoard v1.1, Ports
  • UART on uNiBoard v1.1
  • Building UART library for uNiBoard v1.1
  • LCD interfacing and programming
  • Timers in AVR, PWM using timers
MODULE 2 (40 Hours)
  • Advanced AVR (External Interrupts, Writing ISRs, Understanding Interrupt priorities)
  • Advanced AVR (Using internal EEPROM, Watch dog timers)
  • Advanced AVR (Joystick interfacing using ADC)
  • Project-I (Security system based on uNiBoard)
  • Communication protocols-I (comparison, multi-board UART communication)
  • Communication protocols-II (RTC interfacing)
  • Communication protocols-III (Multi-board communication using SPI)
  • Project
  • Project assessment and certification
MODULE 3 (40 Hours)
  • Data structures-I (Overview, comparison, types)
  • Data structures-II (Linked list implementation)
  • Data structures-III (Linked list implementation)
  • Data structures-IV (Stack implementation)
  • Data structures-V (Stack applications)
  • Data structures-V (Queue implementation)
  • Data structures-VI (Queue applications)
  • Introduction to Real time system concepts-I
  • Introduction to Real time system concepts-II
  • Task management concepts (scheduler, type of kernel architectures)
  • RTOS programming (Multi-tasking)
MODULE 4 (40 Hours)
  • Resource guarding mechanisms (semaphores, Mutex)
  • RTOS programming (Resource sharing using semaphores)
  • Priority Inversion avoidance (using Mutex)
  • RTOS programming (Mutex)
  • Using Inter-task communication mechanisms – Mailbox
  • Using Inter-task communication mechanisms – Message queue
  • Case study of SNAKE using RTOS
  • SNAKE game implementation-I
  • SNAKE game implementation- II
  • Final Project