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BRMIIT - Policy

  • Quality System is about an organizations' ability of consistently meeting customer and applicable regulatory requirements. Because, this is a term of the market, and ‘honouring an agreement' get also a legal sense.
  • An agreement between student and college is called enrollment, which defines the degree requirement, delivery process and evaluation in the brochure. Student file is maintained in the Principal Office for records, which are mandatory for verification, by the either side on fulfilling agreement.
  • There are requirements, which are responsibility of student, and college has no direct role to play. For example, attendance, qualify an examination, adhere to reasonable conduct and behaviour. The college does not take liability of failure of student and it retains its right to act as per terms and condition, and abandon the contract at the cost of student.
  • College has documented policies and processes and these are implemented, measured for compliance. And also open to feedback and reviews.
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